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With more than 145 Member Firms in 40 states, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom, M Financial Group is one of the nation’s leading financial services design and distribution company.

Since 1978, M Financial’s network of independent insurance, investment, and executive benefit firms has served the needs of ultra-affluent individuals, corporate executives, successful entrepreneurs, and Fortune 1000 companies.


M Member Firms are recognized leaders in the wealth transfer, executive benefits, and wealth management markets.  Through long-term relationships with major product manufacturers, and the expertise of more than 145 leading independent financial services firms, Member Firms are uniquely positioned to deliver customized insurance, benefits, and investment solutions designed for the complex needs of their clients.

For more than 35 years, M Financial has worked closely with leading insurance carriers and investment firms to pioneer the industry’s most innovative solutions.  Access to ultra-affluent experience data, combined with collective buying power, translates into the ability to create proprietary solutions available exclusively to Member Firm clients.

In addition, M Holdings Securities, Inc., M’s full service Broker/Dealer, and M Wealth, M Financial’s wealth management division, provide Member Firms with access to a wide variety of investment products and services.

M Financial Re, a life reinsurance company owned by M Financial Stockholders, reinsures a large percentage of the business Member Firms write, providing an equity stake in their business.  M Financial Re also aligns the interests of producers and carriers for quality business and facilitates strong relationships between Partner Carriers and M Financial.  M Financial Re is a subsidiary of M Financial.

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Expertise and Purchasing Power


M Members represent some of the best and the brightest minds in the industry, and participate in a community of sharing that facilitates exchanges of new ideas and best practices.  This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to continuously deliver significant value to Member Firm clients.


Collectively, M Member Firms are among the largest buyers of insurance and financial products in the nation.  In terms of purchasing power, M Financial’s results tell the story.

Proprietary Products


M Financial Group was founded on the principle that “off-the-shelf” products often do not meet the needs of ultra-affluent and corporate clients.  Since 1978, M Financial has worked closely with some of the nation’s most prestigious insurance carriers and investment firms to develop innovative products with features and flexible options that complement the needs and objectives of Member Firm clients.

Proprietary products are a natural fit for M Financial.  Together, we apply industry best practices, have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and consistently distinguish ourselves from the competition.  We are creative and innovative, and are always looking for better ways to help Member Firms achieve their clients’ goals.  A number of factors drive M Financial’s success with proprietary products, including:


– The strong, long-term relationships Member Firms maintain with clients, and the deep partnerships M Financial has with a select group of Carriers, allow us to deliver product and service differentiation to Member Firms.

Favorable Experience

– With a credible experience pool that clearly reflects the unique mortality, persistency, premium volume, and high average face amounts of ultra-affluent clients, M Financial is in the position to work with our Partner Carriers to develop proprietary products priced for the clients of Member Firms.

In-Force Management

– M Financial, together with Carriers, continuously monitors the service, experience, and performance of in-force business to help ensure that proprietary products continue to be effective.  As a result of this dedicated level of oversight, pricing enhancements, supported by experience data, have historically been applied to both new sales and in-force business, a principle that is rare in the industry.

M Financial’s collective buying power and improved experience (mortality, persistency, and policy size) result in exclusive pricing for proprietary products available to Member Firm clients.

Favorable Experience Fundamentals

A History of Sustained Experience

– Proprietary products continue to be an essential part of M Financial’s success.  Since the first M proprietary product was introduced in 1996, M Financial’s sales have grown at a compound annual rate of 11%.  Overall, M Member Firms have more than $140 billion of face value in-force and manage client assets totaling more than $38 billion.

In-Force Management


M Financial believes that performance and cost should be measured over the life of an insurance product, not with an initial illustration or the first year premium.  This commitment to in-force management may be M Financial’s most powerful differentiating characteristic.  M Financial is unique in the industry in both philosophy and practice—providing this level of service to clients is rare.

M Financial’s In-Force Management Principles:

  • Collaborate with Partner Carriers and align interests and philosophy.
  • Segregate M Financial’s superior experience – do not dilute quality with data from non-Member Firm clients.
  • Track experience and performance diligently.
  • Work with Partner Carriers to pass on improvements in underlying experience to existing clients.

The information above does not relate to the provision of investment advisory services.

Carrier Alliances

M Financial Group has strategic alliances with a select group of major insurance companies chosen for their financial strength, product performance, management accessibility and capabilities, dedication to the affluent market, and willingness to commit substantial resources to servicing the unique client needs of Member Firms.  Click on a logo to visit one of M Financial Group’s insurance carriers.

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